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If you would ask a German how to eat asparagus in the classic way, he would tell you to eat it with sauce Hollandaise and potatoes. If you would ask me, I would tell you to eat it as a salad. I can remember only one trial that my mom made asparagus with sauce Hollandaise […]

This is one of the recipes of a good friend: Britta’s Kartoffelgratin (au gratin potatoes). It’s very easy, very simple, and very good food (These are the recipes I love!). The only thing you need is patience. And some other things, but the main ingredient is patience. It’s a great dish if you can plan […]

This weekend I had the perfect cheese sandwich. It was just bread and good Swiss cheese. No butter. The picture shows why it was perfect! Just a green meadow with yellow dandelion (Löwenzahn) and a great mountainview…

People often ask me how I make my standard salad dressing. I think I’ve already told you – but not as a general recipe for a salad dressing, but in a recipe for a special salad. So I put it here again as my standard salad dressing. If you’re bored by a partial-coming-back-recipe: I don’t […]

Don’t miss the rhubarb season! Buy 2 pounds of it and bake a cake! It’s just too good to have to wait one year again! The recipe I’ve tried is once again more or less from Das Bayrische Kochbuch by Maria Hofmann. And it’s true: if you crumble some dry cookies i. e. ladyfingers (=Löffelbiskuit) […]