Fridays are green!


Some weeks ago, on a Friday, some people at work happened to wear green shirts or sweaters without having come to an agreement about it before. Since then we have started to establish a new tradition – the Green Friday.

In the region of Frankfurt, Grüne Sauce (“green sauce”) is a well known food – and right now it has its season. Traditionally it’s eaten on Holy Thursday – its name in German is Gründonnerstag; which seems to mean “green Thursday” but the origin of the “Grün-” is the word “greinen” – an old word for “to cry”. So this makes more sense than “green Thursday”. However, in many regions in Germany you eat green food on Holy Thursday. I think, it’s perfect for Fridays now!

Here in Hesse you can get everywhere packages with the herbs for Grüne Sauce – they contain borage (Borretsch), chervil (Kerbel), cress (Kresse), parsley (Petersilie), burnet (Pimpinelle), sorrel (Sauerampfer) and chives (Schnittlauch).

And Frankfurt is so proud of this sauce that there is even a monument for Grüne Sauce!. Of course, it also was the favourite food of Goethe.

Enough talk about Grüne Sauce, it’s great food with potatoes and hard boiled eggs!

For 1-2 persons, you need

1/2 package of herbs for Grüne Sauce (if you can’t find it next to the veggies in the Supermarket as you don’t live in this region here, just make a mix of these or a part of these or of similar herbs. About 2-3 handfuls)
150 plain yoghurt
2-3 tblsp mayonnaise (yes, it’s also ok if you buy some…)
2 tsp mustard
juice of 1/2 lemon
4 tblsp sour cream

1 hard boiled egg

Put the washed herbs into the blender (uuuuuh…. I know. A cook would tell you to cut everything with a knife for Grüne Sauce. But then my sauce never got green – and with a blender, it’s easier…), blend well, add all the other ingredients except the egg. Blend, season with salt and pepper.

Cut the egg in little cubes, add the egg, stir, and serve the sauce with potatoes and hard boiled eggs.

4 Responses to “Fridays are green!”

  1. 1 moritz

    Grüne Soße, a timeless classic! Naturally the use of a blender is ab-so-lutely forbidden – my mother uses some rolling-knife device to help cut the herbs, it looks like this:

    In our family we also put one or two chopped cooked eggs and a chopped onion into the green sauce.

    I’ve often had troubles trying to translate the names of the seven herbs for foreign friends. a great help is this online herbarium:
    So for example in French the herbs are Bourrache, Cerfeuil, Cresson, Persil, Pimprenelle, Oseille and Ciboulette.

    • Oh, what a cool knife – time for shopping, it seems to be useful! Does the sauce get green then? When I chop the herbs by knife, the sauce never gets green. As a colleague told me that her mother (from Hesse) uses the blender, I decided that I could dare to use it, too. Knowing that it’s forbidden.
      And thanks for the link for liberherbarum – very cool!

  2. 3 moritz

    Mom states that in the blender all the liquid gets smashed out of the herbs and there is only squishy fibre and greenish water left, whereas cutting the herbs by hand keeps the fibre intact (but I guess it’s also a matter of pride). But there is someting new: on farmers markets in Frankfurt you can buy readily cut herb combinations in jam jars. The people selling them seem to have a better machine as the cut herbs look quite decent. If you need to make a lot of Grüne Soße (for a party or a big dinner) it’s ideal to mix a jar with a pack of handcut herbs. I find though that the biggest problem is not the cutting but the cleaning up afterwards. The little green bits really stick to everything and will stay there forever if you don’t do the washing up right away.

  3. 4 moritz

    Oh, and the sauce does get green if there are enough herbs and if they are really well cut :)

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