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There are many names for this food. Crêpes, Pfannkuchen, Eierkuchen or Palatschinken. The last one is the name I use – it’s the Austrian version (my mother is Austrian, so the word came to our family this way), and the Austrian version comes from Hungary. As I don’t know exactly how a Hungarian writes this […]

I am delighted!


These cookies – their name is “Espresso Delights” – are great. Like most of the cookies of “the ultimate cookie book” of Better Homes and Gardens – I bought this book last year when I visited my sister in New York; of course I had to buy a cookbook. I’m still testing all these recipes, […]

I love dips. I like eating veggies with dips. Or grissini. Or both. Here is a recipe for a classic from my former viola teacher Gretl. It’s also a good recipe to turn black-olive-haters in black-olive-eaters. For one bowl, you need:

Some weeks ago, on a Friday, some people at work happened to wear green shirts or sweaters without having come to an agreement about it before. Since then we have started to establish a new tradition – the Green Friday. In the region of Frankfurt, Grüne Sauce (“green sauce”) is a well known food – […]

Years ago I worked as a volunteer – where we also had retreats for the volunteers. For these occasions, Anke, an ex-volunteer, made the meals for us – and one of the dishes became a real JEV-classic. As I cooked 2 weeks together with Anke for the volunteers (also years ago… but less years), when […]