A Luxury breakfast


Warm cake in the morning – isn’t that great? Finally I tested it: a fridge-yeastcake. It’s very easy and soooo good to have freshly baked cake on the breakfast-table!

And it’s not that much work. I made a poppyseed cake – for the filling I took a recipe of Bayrisches Kochbuch by Maria Hofmann and Helmut Lydtin.

For one cake (a normal loafpan of about 25-30 cm) you need:

200 g of ground poppyseeds
200 ml milk
about 20-30 butter
1 tsp vanilla
120 g sugar
2 handful raisins
about 4-5 tblsp rum

for the dough:
300 g flour
about 10 g fresh yeast
a pinch of salt
about 150-200 ml milk
30-50 g butter (room temperature, it should be spreadable)
30-40 g sugar

In the evening, prepare the filling:
Pour the rum over the raisins and let sit for a while. Bring milk, butter and sugar to a boil. Add the poppyseeds, stir well and let simmer for about 10 minutes. Add the raisins and let cool the filling.

… and prepare the dough (in the evening, too!):
Knead all the ingredients – add as much milk as necessary (it should be a soft, but not a sticky dough. Adjust the texture by adding flour or milk). Knead well, form a little rectangle and let it rest for about 5 minutes.

Butter the loaf pan. Roll out the dough in a rectangle (the long side as log as your loaf pan). Spread with the filling. Roll it to a pinwheel from both sides and put the cake into the loaf pan.

Put the pan in the fridge.

Set your alarm clock for about 1 hour earlier than breakfast. When the alarm clock rings, open one eye (you can continue sleeping with the other), get the loaf pan out of the fridge, put it into the oven and turn the oven on (175°C). Set your alarm clock for 45 more minutes. Got back to bed and restart sleeping. And soon the smell of freshly baked cake will wake you up!

3 Responses to “A Luxury breakfast”

  1. Wie dekadent, frisch gebackener Kuchen zum Frühstück! Aber ich befürchte, den MUSS ich nachbacken, ich liebe Hefegebäck und ich vergöttere Mohn! Vielleicht schaffe ich es noch zu Ostern für die Familie!

  2. 2 moritz

    Made this for a picknick yesterday – huge success, although mine didn’t look as beautifull from the inside. I believe I should have rolled the dough out thinner so there is more to roll up, mine looked a bit folded in. Is there a trick to the rolling part?

    • A trick? Hmmm… I fold the dough to kind of a rectangle before starting. Then I roll in both directions (90°) – but only rolling in 2 directions creates the problems that the rectangle loses its corners. So roll once in a while in the direction of the diagonals to re-create the corners.
      I stop on one side when it’s long enough for the loaf pan and stop to roll when it’s about 1/3 the height of my thumbnail (no, that’s not the metric system :-P – just to give you an idea.
      Maybe I’ll the solution to describe all this in an easier way… I’ll see!

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