Vamos a tapear!


Finally. Finally I made my first not-fallen-apart-Tortilla. I’m very proud.

And I had a good protein-combination of potatoes and eggs in my bento. Even better: memories of Spain!

The whole thing could have been a bit thicker, but it was ok. The alternative: use of more eggs – but I think that 2 eggs are for one person more than enough…

I used a small pan (about 20 cm diameter) and heated lots of olive oil. In Spain I’ve often seen that you use there as much oil for frying that you could call it deep-frying.

Then I cut 2 small peeled potatoes in small pieces and boiled them in the oil – for about 10 (??) minutes, the heat shouldn’t be too high (let’s say: medium). Then whisk 2 eggs in a bowl, add some salt and the potatoes (without all of the oil – let the oil in the pan.). A Spanish friend told me that it’s even better to mash the potatoes a little bit with a fork. Put this mix back into the pan and fry it on low to medium heat. It should get rather firm on the top before getting too dark on the bottom.

Then comes the most exciting part… How to turn the tortilla in the pan? I used one plate, where I let slide the tortilla. Then I put another plate inverse on top of the first plate, turned everything and let slide the tortilla back into the pan. Let fry for some time (the first side needs more time than the second!) and you’re done! You can cut it into little pieces and serve it with toothpicks.

Or make a bocadillo: Just put it between two slices of white bread!

Of course, you can add anything you want: Cheese, vegetables, whatever!


3 Responses to “Vamos a tapear!”

  1. Ha, ich liebe Tortilla! Kannte bisher allerdings nur die chilenische Version:
    Aber Du hast mein Essensdilemma für morgen gerettet, mache Tortilla :)

    • oh, muß ich gleich mal schauen auf deinen link. Alles nicht zu heiß machen, damit das Ei schön durchgaren kann und nicht verzweifeln, wenn’s doch auseinanderfällt ;-)
      gutes gelingen!

      • Ach, so schnell verzweifel ich nicht. Und wenn es auseinander fällt, schmeckt es trotzdem genauso gut :-)

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