maggi isn’t cool, soy sauce is?!


If you would tell me to make pasta and season the sauce with maggi (this sauce you can find in old fashioned bad restaurants in Germany and that you can pour over every meal for not having different tastes for different food…), I would … I don’t know what I would.

However, soy sauce is okay – although it’s quite a similar thing, isn’t it? But instead of discussing about the issue of “is it okay to use this kind of seasoning?” I tell you how to make pasta in the way of the ex-boyfriend of a former housemate. (Details, not very important for this post, I think…)

It’s a quick meal, maybe not on the light side, but who cares. Nobody forces us to eat crème fraiche every day! Let’s start!

Boil enough pasta for you.

Meanwhile, chop one little onion and sauté it in oil. Chop 1-2 carrots and add them. Sauté for some time (as long as the carrots get the consistency you wish to have. You can also add some water, if you want). Don’t season it with salt!

Add about 2 tblsp of crème fraiche or sour cream (I used Schmand which contains 24% fat) and about 1-2 tblsp soy sauce. Stir well and add the pasta!


2 Responses to “maggi isn’t cool, soy sauce is?!”

  1. Oh, ich mag so unkomplizierte Pasta-Gerichte :-) Vielleicht kann man da nochn bißchen was grünes unterrühren wie Petersilie oder ein paar Gewürze dazu, z.B. Cumin … Perfektes Feierabendessen!

  2. ich weiß nicht mehr genau, ob im original auch noch curry drin war, aber ich meine, es war wirklich ein zutaten-spar-gericht ;-) aber was grünes rein ist auf keinen fall verkehrt. fetten feierabend wünsch ich! :-P

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