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If you want to make me eat oranges, either you have to squeeze them to juice or you have to hide them. In salad for example.  With fennel. That’s how I can cheat on myself to eat more fruit. I’m not a real fruit-eater. I eat my 5 a day by eating veggies. Advertisements

I do love my mum’s Quiche Lorraine. It’s the best Quiche I know. I probably like it as it doesn’t contain too much egg. I don’t like the “eggy” flavour of many Quiches you can find anywhere. So for this Quiche I make an exception and post a recipe which is not vegetarian.

If you would tell me to make pasta and season the sauce with maggi (this sauce you can find in old fashioned bad restaurants in Germany and that you can pour over every meal for not having different tastes for different food…), I would … I don’t know what I would. However, soy sauce is […]

Pretty in pink


This salad (no, it’s not the international week of salad, I think. I just often prepare salads…) was a found-in-the-fridge-salad, and I loved its colour!

…just as it sounds funny, I think. This is a very easy salad which often finds its way into my bento. Normally I always have some green beans in the freezer and dried tomatoes in the cupboard. The feta cheese is just an extra.