Do I have to dance this recipe?!


No, I don’t. Yes, it’s a kind of Waldorfsalad, but the “Waldorf” in its name doesn’t come from the “Waldorf” in “Waldorf school”, so I think I can just write it down as I usually do.

Some time ago I would have told you that I dislike celeriac, but my friend Christiane often prepared this salad: Easy and good.

You need:

1/4 of celeriac
1/4 of an apple
1/2 of a lemon
2 tblsp yogurt
salt, pepper, sugar

Peel the celeriac and grate it. Mix with the juice of the lemon. Grate the apple, add it as well as the yogurt. Mix everything and season if necessary. I love it sweet, so I added some sugar…
Top with nuts – as I didn’t have any walnuts I just used hazelnuts.
It’s very good if you let sit this salad for some time! (Great for my bento… ;-)


4 Responses to “Do I have to dance this recipe?!”

  1. Stell mir gerade wie die Figur aus Deinem “About” ein bißchen das Wort “Waldorfsalat” tanzt *g* Aber es hört sich wirklich ideal für’s Büro an, werde ich nachbasteln :)

  2. 3 Christiane

    I feel honored to read my recipe in your blog but I just have to correct one tiny little mistake: You have to dance to this recipe, exspecially as long as I have some problems with it caused by my injured foot!!!!!
    Greetings from Gießen

  3. Ok, if you want to dance, you can dance it. And until your foot is doing well again, I’ll dance it for you!! (Hope it won’t take too much time…)

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