Tastes of childhood


Maybe you’ll say that it’s very simliar to this recipe – and you’re right. And wrong. It’s also a Schmarrn, an Austrian Mehlspeise which is made in a skillet; but this time the base is semolina. Just ordinary wheat-semolina. As it’s not complicated, it’s very good for bento-preparing late in the evening.

My mother uses 750 ml milk, 500 g of semolina and 3 eggs for 5 persons, I changed the mix a little bit for not having to use 3/5 of an egg, it would be too complicated…

You need:
1 little piece of butter or margarine (maybe 20-30 g)
100 g of semolina
100 ml milk
1 egg

In a large skillet, melt the butter and add the semolina. Let it toast a little bit stirring once in a while. In a bowl, mix well the milk and the egg. Add this mix to the semolina, lower the heat and wait until the dough in the pan get’s “dry”, then with a fork or a spoon make little parts (as shown in the picture). Wait until it gets golden brown. Serve with sugar and cinnamom and apple sauce or other compote.

(If you wonder what you see in the picture: the mini-pot in the front doesn’t contain jam but sugar – it’s very useful for my bento!)

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  1. This looks fantastic!

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