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This was my first African food. My sister got the recipe from her sister-in-law’s husband. He comes from Cameroon and made this dish for them. Then my sister taught me how to prepare it. I changed a little bit the way of preparing it (he boils the cabbage in extra-water) due to laziness…. And I […]

No, I don’t. Yes, it’s a kind of Waldorfsalad, but the “Waldorf” in its name doesn’t come from the “Waldorf” in “Waldorf school”, so I think I can just write it down as I usually do. Some time ago I would have told you that I dislike celeriac, but my friend Christiane often prepared this […]

I don’t know if you could call this dish “Asian”, but in Europe you could. In Asia maybe not… Anyways, it’s good and it’s easy (I think, I write these two words in every post, don’t I? Maybe I should get more creative) – and I love the combination of orange and green…

Do you know the cookbooks of the Moosewood restaurant? If you like to cook vegetarian, buy them. They are great. Even without pictures. Last week I made a potato salad which was inspired by a recipe of “Moosewood restaurant daly special” – a book of soups and salads. I didn’t follow exactly the recipe, basically […]

Cabbage season!


It’s always time to try new food. New for me was pointed cabbage, and I’m sure that it hasn’t been the last time in my life that I bought some. It’s very tender – and it’s smaller than usual cabbage – so buying one doesn’t mean eating cabbage every day. A friend who studied with […]