a Christmas present for Bérénice


I’ve studied in Gießen – a place where you can find nice people (as you can find them anywhere), but where you find nearly nothing interesting. The city is not known among tourists and when you’ve seen it, you know why. However, if you happen to come to Gießen, then go there on a Saturday and visit the farmer’s market – it’s a real institution and everybody goes there. I always go there when I spend a week-end in Gießen, as I don’t want to miss the Butterhörnchen from the bakery in the yellow stand in front of the butchers. I’ve never had any Butterhörnchen similar to these. If you happen to be there: go there and try them, they are really good!!!

As I don’t live in Gießen anymore, I had to try to make the famous Butterhörnchen myself. The first batch was made and Bérénice (one of the testers) loved them – she wanted to have the recipe. As I weren’t completely satisfied, I had to try again, and Bérénice is still waiting and waiting for the recipe. But père noel brought it here for her.

Enough talk, let’s start!

for 12 Butterhörnchen you need:

200+300g flour
20 g yeast
80 g sugar
60 g spreadable butter
75+75 ml lukewarm milk
1 egg

a little bit of milk (some tblsp)
about 3-4 tblsp of butter

In a bowl, knead a dough of 200 g flour, the yeast and 75 ml milk. Cover (I always use a towel) and let it rise for about 15-30 minutes in a warm place.

Whisk the egg and set about 1/4 of it aside.

Add the rest of the egg, the other 75 ml milk, the butter, the 300 g flour, the salt and the sugar to the dough and knead well. The dough should not be firm. If it’s too firm, add some milk.

Cover it and let it rise (on a warm place) until it has doubled its volume (this takes maybe an hour). Divide the dough in 12 balls, make Hörnchen (watch the picture below to see what I mean ;-) and let them rise for about 20 minutes or longer. If you touch them on the side they should feel quite “susceptible”.

Preheat the oven (175°C). Mix the 1/4 of the egg with 3-4 tblsp milk and whisk. Brush the Hörnchen with this mix. Then take a pair of scissors and cut the Hörnchen as shown below.


Put them in the oven and let bake for about 14 minutes. They should be lightly golden – don’t bake them too long, they should be very soft.

When you’ve got them out of the oven, brush them immediately with melted butter. Or take a stick of butter in your hand and rub the Hörnchen with the butter.

When they’ve cooled I always freeze the Butterhörnchen and get them out of the freezer in the evening every time I feel like having a fatty, yummy breakfast in the morning.


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