Mediterranean Dieting


I have already told you that I always prepare my lunch in the evening and take it to work in a bento box. Why? I just love to eat different foods for one meal. That’s what I love in France: in Germany, you get basically one big plate with a big meal. In France, you’ll have 2 or 3 dishes, cheese and a dessert. I don’t want to say that German food is boring; normally you also get some salad and often a dessert – but not always. I just love eating several small things.

For cooking – well…. several things only for me for one meal?! It has to be simple  – yet something for having a change. So today I made some salted almonds for my bento. And here we come to the Mediterranean Diet – everybody talks about it and how healthy it is; to eat nuts and seeds quite often is one part of it – think of the good fatty acids that smile directly to your heart…

As I had boiled potatoes, the stove was still hot, so I got quickly a small pan, put in a little bit of olive oil and roasted some almonds in the pan. When you can hear and smell them (should be fragrant, not burned…), they should be good. Put them on a paper towel (Olive oil is good fat, but we don’t want to exceed it, do we?) and salt them – maybe the amount of salt you would add to French fries. (And no, we don’t start to discuss if too much sodium makes your blood pressure rise)

For eating it, forget about all the health-stuff and just decide, if you like it or not. And having finished this post, I’m going to have some Christmas cookies which my mother sent to me – they are probably not really healthy but veeeeery goooood!


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