Growing a little plant can be very fast


In Bavaria, a hamburger (well, only the meat-part) is called Fleischpflanzerl – “little plant of meat”. Last time, I made some Pflanzerl of rolled oats:  I always prepare my lunch the evening  – or rather the night – before. The time was faster than my timing and my bed was shouting very loudly that I should finally go to sleep. But my stomach called for lunch – if I wouldn’t prepare anything, it wouldn’t sleep.
Suddenly I had the idea to make Haferburger (oat-burgers) of my book  “Das Ox-Kochbuch” by J. Hiller and U. Herzer. They are made of rolled oats, grated cheese, and milk – very easy. I opened my fridge. Milk? Finished. Oooops. Grated cheese? Oh – molded. What to do now?
That’s what I did:

I found some yoghurt and some soft cheese (style “the laughing cow”/Schmelzkäse), mixed 2 tblsp of the yoghurt with 1 tblsp of the cheese and added 4 tblsp of rolled oats. I seasoned with some dried herbs and pepper – no salt needed because of the cheese.

Nearly done! Just heat some oil in a pan, wet your hands with water, form little burgers and fry them from both sides. – And the stomach lived happily ever after.

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