Popeye in Japan


Last, no this year (but it already feels like last year, and “last year” is almost correct) I was in Munich at a “Bavarian Japanese” Restaurant with my sister. It was really cool, you can eat Japanese food (they also integrate some typical  German ingredients) and sometimes listen to “real”, no-kitsch Bavarian live music. We had ginger lemonade and I ate spinach with sesame dressing. Some time ago I searched for recipes for Spinach with sesame, and at the end I made kind of a mix of all the recipes. Since then I often prepare Spinach with sesame.

For 1-2 persons (well, depends on how much spinach you want to eat… I often prepare it in the evening for lunch, put it in my bento and eat the rest of it in the evening…) wash thoroughly about 500 g of Spinach and steam it – let it cool.

In a bowl, mix

2 tsp of tahini (=sesame paste)
1 tsp of sugar (I love sweet dressings!)
1-2 tsp of rice whine or sherry
some drops of dark sesame oil
1/2-1 tsp of soy sauce (or more, just as much as you like)

and add the spinach. Mix everything.

If the dressing is too “dry”, add some water – but keep in mind that the spinach contains a lot of water, too!

You can also use frozen spinach but make sure that isn’t cut. Prepared with cut spinach this meal becomes something creamy, not very appealing looking (just imagine the total mix of spinach-green and the colour of the dressing), I-don’t-know-how-to-describe-it stuff. That kind of spinach-meal that would start to fight with Calvin in the Calvin&Hobbes-Cartoons…

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