una rrreceta parrra Josesíto: Kartoffelsalat


Some weeks ago a friend from Mexico asked me for the recipe for potato salad. We got to know each other in France when we were studying in Angers and all the foreigns students found together in the kitchen: The pressure cooking pot of the Indians was always nearly exploding – they used it to prepare lentils and we often feared for our lives;  The Romanians made gogosi (a sort of doughnuts), the Czech students prepared bramborák. And we, the Germans, made Spätzle or potato salad.

In Germany you’ll basically find 2 versions of potato salad: One with stock, vinegar and oil – and one with mayonnaise. I would say that the “mayonnaise-version” is potato salad “Northern style”, the other version is the salad you’ll find in the South of Germany. I’m from the South of Germany, so guess which version I’m going to show you…

For one person you need:

250 g potatoes
about 50 ml of a mix of 1/2 vegetable stock and 1/2 vinegar

a little piece (maybe 1/4) of a small onion

1/2-1 tblsp of oil (neutral taste)


anything you want to add:
pickles or cucumbers or radish, …

Boil the potatoes in water until tender, peel them and cut them in rounds. Drizzle the stock-vinegar mix over the warm potatoes and let sit for a while or overnight. (Monica from Venezuela would say “the potatoes have to drink the stock and the vinegar”!)
Chop the onion very finely. Cut the optional vegetables. Add them and drizzle the salad with oil. Season with salt and pepper.


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