Chocolate sin Churros


When you’re down and troubled
and you need some love and care
And nothin´, nothin´ is goin´ right…

Fall has begun – it’s grey outside, it’s getting cold, it’s rainy: the best conditions for being in a bad mood. Or for having hot chocolate.  But not any hot chocolate – for Spanish hot chocolate.
In Spain it’s served with churros – I don’t really need the Churros, I prefer the pure chocolate, which is thicker than a hot Chocolate as it is known in Germany. If you want, you can add spices – e. g. chili or ginger or cardamom; feel free to add what you want. (Even if it’s garlic, but don’t force anybody else to drink it then…)

For one big cup heat about 250 ml milk with about 25 g of dark chocolate. Stir well.
Mix thoroughly 1/2 tsp starch with a little bit of milk, make sure that you’ve got no lumps in this mix. When the milk-chocolate-mix is starting to boil, add the starch-milk-mix and stir well. Wait until it’s boiling once again, pour the hot chocolate in your cup, say hello to your sofa, curl up in a warm and cosy blanket, grab a good book and get in a better mood!


2 Responses to “Chocolate sin Churros”

  1. 1 moritz

    And it’s definitely advisable to add some cold whipped cream and let it slowly melt into the hot chocolate – don’t stir, just make every spoon a combination of both!

  2. 2 valentin

    Chocolate con/sin churros…now in Autum, the right drink at the tea-time ;)

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