maestro’s fast pasta


Some years ago, we went hiking with a group of our orchestra. It was a rainy day, it was cold, it was foggy – not the best day for hiking. When we came back, our conductor invited us to come over and eat something. As we were all tired, hungry and not too fond of cutting vegetables for hours, we made pasta with feta and sage. Hungry? Too much work to prepare a big dinner? Open a bottle of white wine, breath deeply,  and while drinking a glass of wine, prepare your fast supper! Then work can go on.

You need:

enough pasta for yourself (about 125 g)

1-2 tblsp butter
4-5 leaves of sage
about 3-4 tblsp of white wine
about 40 g of feta cheese

Boil the pasta al dente and drain it. Re-use the pot (unless you love doing the dishes) and melt the butter. Cut the sage and add it, sauté for about 1-2 minutes, then add the wine. Crumble the cheese and add it, stirring thoroughly. Add some pepper (don’t use salt as the cheese is pretty salty), then the pasta, mix everything and enjoy your meal!


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