Cinnamom buns


DSC0019014 years ago I tasted a cinnamom bun in Canada with a frosting that I didn’t know. Oooooh, it was sooo gooooood.

And some years ago, I read the murder mystery “knit one, kill two” – the rather low quality of the book (there are better murder mysteries…) is enhanced by the recipe at the end: a recipe for cinnamom buns.

I just changed a little bit the dough, but the filling and the cream cheese frosting, a mix a German would never invent (it just sounds too weird to mix cream cheese, butter, sugar and lemon juice to put it on a cake, doesn’t it?), are as described in the book.

Let’s start:


500 g flour (all-purpose)

20 g yeast

about 200 ml milk

50 g butter

50 g sugar

a pinch of salt


2-3 tblsp butter

1 cup (=225 ml) brown sugar

3 tsp cinnamom

if you want, some cardamom (I used 1 tsp, but I didn’t remark its taste in the buns…)

1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)


1 tblsp butter

50 g cream cheese

1 cup (=225 ml) confectioner’s sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

Prepare the dough: heat the milk a little bit (it should be warm, not hot), then knead 1/3 of the flour, about 1/2 of the milk and the yeast to a soft dough and let it rest for 15 minutes. Then add all the other ingredients and knead well. If the dough is too firm, add some milk, if it’s too soft, add some flour. Knead until it’s smooth – when you use an electric kitchen machine, it shouldn’t stick on the bowl.

Cover the dough and let it rest (or rather work) for about an hour on a warm place – it should double the volume.

Then roll out the dough to a rectangle. Melt some butter and brush the dough with it – leave about 2 cm without butter at the bottom. Mix the sugar with cinnamom and cardamom and spread it on the dough evenly. If you want, sprinkle it with walnuts. Brush some water (not too much, just a little bit!) on the bottom to make it sticky, then roll the dough from the top to the bottom making a firm roll. Cut 12 pieces and put them in a baking mold (diameter 26 cm). Let it rest once more for about 15 minutes and heat the oven (175°C). Brush the rolls with melted butter and put them into the oven for about 25-30 minutes, when they tell you, that they are ready (if you touch them carefully, they shouldn’t be too elastic and “firm”) for getting baked.

For the frosting, put the butter and the cream cheese in a bowl and put it into the warm oven for about 1 minute. Mix well with the sugar and the lemon juice and spread this mix on the warm cake.



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