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At fool for food I found a recipe for gluten-free orange-almond cake. Luckily I can eat gluten. However it’s always good to know some good gluten-free recipes. But what made me really curious was that oranges were boiled for 2 hours and then blended (with the peel) before being added to the batter. Of course […]

First day of Advent!  Time to make something heavenly: Gebrannte Mandeln (Caramelized almonds). You can prepare them at home, no special equipment needed. Only a stove, a pot, a wooden spoon and some parchment paper. After some attempts years ago, I noted the best mix of sugar, almonds, and water. Before, I once had tried to make gebrannte Mandeln with […]

Some weeks ago a friend from Mexico asked me for the recipe for potato salad. We got to know each other in France when we were studying in Angers and all the foreigns students found together in the kitchen: The pressure cooking pot of the Indians was always nearly exploding – they used it to […]

When you’re down and troubled and you need some love and care And nothin´, nothin´ is goin´ right… Fall has begun – it’s grey outside, it’s getting cold, it’s rainy: the best conditions for being in a bad mood. Or for having hot chocolate.  But not any hot chocolate – for Spanish hot chocolate.



No, I don’t know where the original recipe comes from.  And I don’t know, what “Soljanka” means. What I know is, that it’s a soup which is well known in Eastern Germany. I got to know it when I was working as a volunteer in a soup kitchen in Berlin a long time ago. Maybe […]