getting started


wow. my first post. trying to design a blog as a complete computer-idiot…

so… why a blog?

…for sharing recipes – for the last 2 years, my e-mail-signature has always been the “recipe of the week”. After two years, I don’t know anymore, which recipes have already had the honour of becoming a recipe of the week. So I start this blog and everybody (yes, that means also me…) can search for the recipes in here.

and I’ve seen that there aren’t many food-blogs which show recipes for only one person. I want to try to show recipes for only one person. I know, I love baking, and baking for one person isn’t possible. not really. However, it will be a mix.

…and why in English??!

No, I don’t speak English. Well, I do, but normally I speak German. But there are many friends, who don’t speak German and who ask me sometimes for recipes. So writing in German is not an option. Sorry. I’m sure that you’ll find many mistakes… but I don’t care as long as you understand!

…and now?

I start blogging, you start reading, and then we’ll see!


7 Responses to “getting started”

  1. 1 moritz

    Stumbled onto your blog via Anna-Maria and I am stoked! Please keep cooking & writing, I’ll surely keep returning – two years of recipes of the week means at least 100 to come!

    • glad that you like it here! And – don’t worry, be hungry (uuh-uh-uh-uh-uh-da-da-da-da-da-da-daaaaa… don’t worry…. da-da-da-da-da-da-daaaa… be hungry… da-da-da-da-daaaa): I won’t stop cooking neither writing!

  2. 3 mama

    Ah, si je savais aussi bien l’anglais que toi…. de toute façon, ta page est très jolie – Anna-Maria vient de m’en donner l’adresse. Et que ma soupe te plaise tant, ça me fait plaisir. (La meilleure recette: ne prendre que des lardons, des oignons et des pommes de terre, rien d’autre…)
    Amitiés, Maman

    • Jaaa, die gute alte Kartoffelsuppe! Und übrigens: Hier gibt’s keinen Englisch- oder Fremdsprachenschreibzwang, wer gern Deutsch schreibt, der möge das tun!

  3. 5 Anna-Maria

    also, wo is’n jetzt die information über die autorin? man will ja wissen von wem man da was serviert bekommt!

  1. 1 Quick. « la grosse mere

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