Friday evening


DSC06089Friday evening. Coming home – pretty tired, headache, a rainy day outside, I could only think of one thing: the Túros tészta, which I have found at Aniko’s blog. Pasta with curd. I’ve read about it and remembered the Topfennudeln, the sweet brother of túros tészta, which my mother has often made when we were children. I don’t know anymore, how she made it exactly. It was Spaghetti with curd and sugar. No idea if she added other ingredients. About 10 years ago, I tried to make sweet Topfennudeln – and disliked them. Sweet pasta…. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve just grown up. So Aniko’s version could be a good new-old friend.

Aniko writes that a mix of cottage cheese and sour cream would be quite a good replacement for the Hungarian Túros – so I tried that. However, I was too lazy to put the dish into the oven. Just made a basic version. And used smoked tofu instead of bacon – which was pretty good. Ok, I don’t know the original Túros tészta, so I don’t mind if it’s no real bacon.

And yes – I have to remember this recipe. Quick, easy, yummy. Just look the picture at Aniko’s blog  – there it looks nicer… Continue reading ‘Friday evening’




DSC06068…for a good recipe for Käsekuchen, the German cheesecake. Too bad, I don’t have a real idea, what I’m looking for, just something yummy, interesting – something, where you say: yes, that’s very good!

I’m not too fond of Käsekuchen. I like it, but it’s not my favourite. However – every Café in Germany has to have Käsekuchen. No way without Käsekuchen! Some old people say that a woman has to know how to make Käsekuchen for getting married.

The last Käsekuchen I had was quite a bad version in a Café, freshly thawed, tasting like chemical vanilla and the cardboard of its packaging. Never again.

So I have started a journey through the recipes of Käsekuchen. Continue reading ‘Searching…’

DSC05237oh, I’m getting lazy. At least in blogging. Maybe due to my acute phase of knitting addiction… Nevertheless, I’m eating. Always. And cooking. Less than eating, but still quite often. And when friends are coming over here, it’s always the question: what for dessert? Something yummy. Something easy. But not just some ice cream. Too boring. With hot raspberries? Yeah, yummy, but a bit boring.

Moosewood helps – as often. Their warm apple-walnut-sauce (from Moosewood restaurant book of desserts) is just perfect! Not too boring, not complicated and not too exotic. And you can declare it as – at least a bit – healthy because of the apples. (Just don’t mention the butter and the sugar…)

You need: Continue reading ‘It’s becoming a classic’

WP_000026I was in Munich about one week ago – and found there one of the nicest cafés ever. In fact, it’s a bakery with a special history: 2 Japanese people who lived in Japan ate some German sourdough-bread in a German bakery in Japan and decided to learn how to make this bread. So they went to Germany, learned German and followed an apprenticeship in Bakery. Later, they opened their own little bakery in Germany. There, they offer bread and yummy cake, you can have a coffee and sit there in a really, really, really lovely shop. (Seeing the cake, I thought, that they surely went some time to France, too – their mini-cakes looked just like made in France!).

I had there some coffee and a good cake – and bought brownies, a cake for le gros père and a bread. Took all thishome by train carrying a big bag – no… nearly home. I must have forgot the bag in the train. This was pretty sad. Or stupid. Continue reading ‘Last time in Munich’

DSC05226Right now it’s the perfect season for soups. Coming home from the cold weather outside, it’s nice to eat a warm soup in the evening. So I’m testing many recipes of Moosewood’s book “Daily special”: last time it was a celery soup with blue cheese. As it’s hard to find celery (Bleich-/Staudensellerie) from Germany right now, but easy to find regional celeriac (Knollensellerie), I decided to make a little change and used celeriac. Gives less color to the soup but also quite a lot of taste.

For one large pot for 3-4 persons you need: Continue reading ‘Creamy tasty winter soup’

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